Amish Christmas Bride: Amish Romance

Amish Christmas Bride: Amish Romance

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Many said Matt Yoder was the most handsome Amish bachelor in the county, maybe even the country. When he contacted Jane and asked her to return to the community where she grew up, she was convinced all her prayers had been answered. She'd always dreamed of marrying Matt and having a large family.

Her dream turned into a nightmare when she discovered he asked her to come home to help him select a bride. He was tired of being single and declared he would be married by Christmas. He had narrowed his search to five women and was having trouble deciding between them.

Since Matt had always overlooked Jane, was it already too late?

Or can she find a way to make him see that she is and always has been his perfect Amish match?


Author: Samantha Price
Narrator: Mary Ann Jacobs
Publisher: Samantha Price
Run time: 5 hours 14 minutes
Release Date: 07/29/2020