Anger: Deal With It Before It Deals With You

Anger: Deal With It Before It Deals With You

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Within this dynamic and powerful program, you will find a full description and overview of anger management, what it is and why it's needed. You'll hear an explanation of how anger release can become addictive, and can actually develop into extreme rage addiction. You'll learn the relationship between anger and depression and what it means to express your anger in healthy ways. This extensive program also provides guidelines for your inner journey of self healing, which is necessary for the lasting emotional well being you're looking for. As a result of listening to this program, you will understand the origins and natural function of anger, and recognize how anger relates to sorrow, fear and love. You will develop a knowledge of the relationship between anger and love, and how to move fluidly through your emotions in a healthy way, so that you can create and maintain healthy relationships. Note: The first track of this audiobook is a recording of a live presentation.


Author: William G. DeFoore
Narrator: William G. DeFoore
Publisher: Halcyon Life Enterprises LLP
Run time: 3 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 12/15/1991