Antithesis: Love and War, Book 0

Antithesis: Love and War, Book 0

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They're fighting the same battle. They just don't know it yet.

Skye Chantrell’s scientist father is about to become responsible for genocide. Now he wants her to help him stop it. Which is, well, basically the stupidest idea in the history of ideas.

Because Skye is not a soldier. She’s not a spy. She’s an accountant, and she has absolutely no clue where to even start with this cloak-and-dagger stuff.

Hunter Tarthasian, on the other hand, knows all about cloak-and-dagger. As the Seven Systems’ most feared and hated criminal, he lives it every day of his life. The moment he stops, he’ll be captured or killed.

Too bad Skye’s father didn’t call Hunter first. Or maybe not, since Hunter is currently trapped in an abandoned warehouse, surrounded by Regime goons intent on blasting his brains out.

If he can get out of this mess, a bit of old fashioned cloak and dagger will seem like a vacation.

* * *

Antithesis: Love and War, Book 0 is a short prequel to the completed five-book Love and War series by R. A. Steffan, available on most audiobook retailers.


Author: R. A. Steffan
Narrator: Gwendolyn Druyor
Publisher: OtherLove Publishing, LLC
Run time: 42 minutes
Release Date: 08/12/2020