Artful Evil

Artful Evil

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Runaway Trains, Demon Mimes and a bar where the booze won't get you drunk? Just another day in the life of a Judas Agent.

Gabe thought he knew his partner, but when she takes on a freelance project to murder a few thousand people, he’s not so sure. A Judas Agent is supposed to wreak havoc among the living but that's not what Gabe signed on for. Judas Iscariot recruited him to stop this sort of thing from happening, so why was his boss on board with Alex’s plan?

Then when a demonic band of clowns blows into town to make Gabe the target of their deadly high jinks, afterlife in The Nine becomes even more arduous than usual. Sure, it’s Hell, but there had to be a limit. Too bad limits were meant to be broken.

If Gabe can’t find a way to derail his partner’s plans and stop the satanic circus, the word overkill could take on a whole new meaning. 

If you like snarky characters, witty banter, and dark humor, then you’ll love Artful Evil, the third book in the action-packed Judas Files series. (Think Dresden Files against the backdrop of Hell).


Author: C.G. Harris
Narrator: MacLeod Andrews
Publisher: Hot Chocolate Press
Run time: 5 hours 48 minutes
Release Date: 01/28/2021