Assassin, The: The Wicked Will Perish Book Three

Assassin, The: The Wicked Will Perish Book Three

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Is it ethical to fight terror with terror?

The British government's crisis committee, known as Cobra, met in emergency session when a jihadist terror cell struck at the heart of The United Kingdom causing massive loss of life. Coordinated attacks took place around the world creating an atmosphere of fear, unprecedented since 9/11. Cobra called upon a unit of former Special Forces to track and eliminate the terrorists as the country ground to a halt. While the West used all justifiable and intolerable means to prevent further atrocities, the rumours began to circulate once more of an assassin who had no name, no image and no past - just a reputation.


Author: Anthony Vincent Bruno
Narrator: Edward James Beesley
Publisher: Anthony Vincent Bruno
Run time: 5 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 03/01/2021