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Being the Chosen One could kill her....

Victoria Saveron knows two things for certain. Dark forces want to kill her, and her friends have cooler powers than she does. Katrina can shapeshift and Tellen can tap into destructive magic currents.

Everything else is uncertain and rumors abound.

Victoria might be the Chosen One, whatever that means. Her father might be able to help them, but only if they can find him. Coldhaven's villagers might be able to offer them food and shelter. Some fool might be running around unlocking Darkland portals to raise an undead army.

The further Victoria and her companions get on their journey, the more dangers and betrayals they face. They must awaken Vic's true powers or forfeit the world.


Please note: This is Book 1 in the Redeemer Chronicles series. It's followed by The Holy War and Reclaim the Darklands. There are also a few prequels that will make their way to audio eventually.


Author: Julie C. Gilbert
Narrator: Caitlin Jacques
Publisher: Julie C. Gilbert
Run time: 4 hours 24 minutes
Release Date: 01/23/2017