Battle for Night Glory: A Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure

Battle for Night Glory: A Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure

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In this remarkable Sci-Fi Fantasy tale by author Kira Cul’tofay, ancient darkness has begun to wage a war against the realm of Fairie that threatens to bleed across dimensions to Earth. Can a handful of displaced, magic-altered humans, with superhero-like abilities and a ragtag group of elven creatures prevent both worlds from falling?

Characters from the Earth Mages storyline, as well as Royal Seasons, join with some newcomers to take on the vile Rex Regina and previously unknown darklings from the forbidden Fairie continent of Ba’el-Fo’ah. Battle for Night Glory is novel #10 in the Meridian Wanderings science fiction fantasy book serial but this action-adventure saga can be read as a stand-alone tale. Sci-Fi fantasy book fans and critics alike rave at the compelling story-lines Cul’tofay seamlessly weaves with a rich tapestry of dark fantasy characters and stunning scenes of truly unique visions that we’ll keep you wanting more!

©2017 Kira Cul'tofay (P)2020


Author: Kira Cul'tofay
Narrator: Kira Cul'tofay
Run time: 7 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 01/22/2021