Battling for Freedom: The Fire of the Trials

Battling for Freedom: The Fire of the Trials

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Tammy Henson has been in the fire of trials battling for freedom from her past and her generational line. It has been a journey cutting ties, breaking ties in the soul, renouncing contracts and agreements, going to heavens court to remove and dismantle powers that had a hold on her mind and her soul, and receiving revelation on her ancestor's sins to break the curses that have been in her blood line for generations. She has been learning about certain spirit types and how to defeat them. The pain inside connected to the flesh has left bruises but Tammy Henson is overcoming the powers of darkness that has had in in bondage since she was a very young child.


Author: Tammy Henson
Narrator: Claudette Leandro
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Run time: 1 hours 1 minutes
Release Date: 02/21/2020