Benedict's Commands

Benedict's Commands

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Love? Marriage? Lady Christina Rowan, dowager-marchese of Stanhope, doesn't think so. She avoids both heavy emotions and heavy commitments and has ever since she discovered the truth behind her first husband's death.  

As a widow, she's found freedom in having lovers without love. When she began to have feelings for her current lover, Benedict Windham, brother to the duke of Manchester, she immediately cuts him loose before she can become too attached. Or so she thought.

Time away from Christina has made Benedict realize how deep his own feelings for her run; not only is she the most exciting lover he's ever had, he's actually fallen in love with her. So when he returns to London for the season, he's determined to court his former lover and turn her into his wife.  

This audiobook contains spanking, BDSM, an alpha male, an amorous but emotionally reluctant heroine, and a lot of naughty, scandalous fun.


Author: Golden Angel
Narrator: Brian Briar
Publisher: Golden Angel LLC
Run time: 8 hours 20 minutes
Release Date: 02/21/2019