Best Murder in Show: Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries Book 1

Best Murder in Show: Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries Book 1

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A dead body on a carnival float at the village show. 

A clear case of murder in plain sight, thinks new arrival Sophie Sayers - but why do none of the villagers agree?

What dark secrets are they hiding to prevent her unmasking the murderer, and who holds the key to the mystery? 

- Hector, the gorgeous but enigmatic owner of the village bookshop

- Joshua, the intrusive yet insightful old man from next door 

- Carol, village shopkeeper, the fount of village gossip, not all of it reliable

And what is that mysterious ingredient that almost knocks Sophie out when she takes tea at the village bookshop? (Not the best way to start a job interview.)

Can Sophie unearth the clues tucked away in this outwardly idyllic Cotswold village before anyone else comes to harm, not least herself?

For fans of classic cozy mysteries everywhere, Best Murder in Show will make you laugh out loud at the idiosyncrasies of English country life, and rack your brains to discover the murderer before Sophie can. 


Author: Debbie Young
Narrator: Siobhan Waring
Publisher: Hawkesbury Press
Run time: 5 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 07/24/2019