Beware of the Pirate Prince: Pirates of the High Seas

Beware of the Pirate Prince: Pirates of the High Seas

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(Novella of 31,000 words.)


Beware of the Pirate Prince is the sweet/tame version of Her Pirate Prince.


My dearest Anteros,


As the daughter of an English earl, I grew up sheltered and protected, then I became your bride, the wife of a prince born with untold secrets and untold pirate tendencies.


Luckily, I adore both the prince you are, and the devious pirate that simmers under your skin.


Unluckily, you’ve enraged your enemies, and now your greatest enemy, the Dey of Algiers, is forcing you into a battle unlike any you’ve ever fought. He has now captured me and made me the bait in his vile game to lure you to Algiers. Please, you must find me, rescue me, and eliminate the threat he’s become to our family and our people. You must do so without getting either of us killed, because more than anything, I adore being your wife, and wish to remain so.


Be safe and take all care.


Forever yours, Olivia.


Each book in this series is standalone, and can be enjoyed out of sequence.


The Duke Who Stole My Heart, #1

The Earl I Adore, #2

To Love During War, #3

My Secret and the Earl, #4

The Prince Who Captured Me, #5

Beware of the Pirate Prince, #6

My Infamous Corsair, #7

Must Love Pirates, #8


Author: Joanne Wadsworth
Narrator: Catherine Bilson
Publisher: Joanne Wadsworth
Run time: 2 hours 56 minutes
Release Date: 06/11/2020