Beyond Believable: 2 Books In One - Special Edition

Beyond Believable: 2 Books In One - Special Edition

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BOOK 1: Better Than Balderdash

If you want to learn some of the world’s most intriguing stories to pass the time at work, fuel the fire on your next trivia games night, or are looking for top-notch entertainment for that family road trip, then you need this book. 

Inside Better Than Balderdash, you’ll discover:

●      Insane facts about world history 

●       Bizarre stories of inventors and inventions that sound 100% made up

●        Unbelievable true stories of survival

●      Unusually strange, fun facts about science and nature

●      Hilarious truths about famous and infamous people in history

Suitable for adults, teens or kids … Better Than Balderdash is guaranteed to be the best book gift for anyone you can think of, including yourself!

Expand your wisdom and get a copy today - It really is Better Than Balderdash


BOOK 2: Untypical Tales

Do you have a curious mind? Are you looking for unique and interesting facts to “wow” innocent bystanders at your next boring mixer? Or perhaps you have indeed left that boring mixer because you’d rather sink your teeth into a solid good time? (Of book reading, obviously.)

Fear not, my friend. We have you covered. 

Included in this titillating smorgasbord of fun facts are answers to the following questions, plus a few more to keep you on your toes: 

Precisely, an entire book full of them. 

Diabolically, we’ve saved the very best for Untypical Tales


Author: Owen Janssen
Narrator: Dan Hamel
Publisher: Ouredbooks
Run time: 5 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: 02/13/2023