Blackstone Ranger Guardian

Blackstone Ranger Guardian

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Fighting for his mate

When John Krieger rescues a stranded fox shifter in the middle of a snowstorm, he never expected that she would turn out to be his mate. However, the darkness lurking in his soul prevents him from claiming her and he pushes her away. When he realizes his mistake, he vows to make himself into someone who deserves her. He spends the next few months fighting off his demons, so he could someday be good enough for Dutchy Forrester. But, when he unexpectedly encounters her again, he realizes she’s not the same--and she might never be again.

Fighting for her life

Ever since her mate’s utter rejection,Dutchy Forrester’s life has gone into a deep spiral. Her world has literally become colorless and lifeless, and she’s not sure she can recover. When tragedy strikes and her life is put in danger, she discovers that not only have her shifter abilities left her, but her fox doesn’t recognize Krieger as their mate.

Krieger vows to repair their bond and fix her fox, but can she trust him to not break her heart again? Or will she forever live in a dull, colorless world as her condition deteriorates?


Author: Alicia Montgomery
Narrator: Tara Langella
Publisher: Mer City Books
Run time: 5 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 03/26/2021