Blood Brothers: Austin Conrad Thriller #1

Blood Brothers: Austin Conrad Thriller #1

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A hardened criminal. A gut-wrenching revelation. Loyalty, brotherhood, and honor will be tested to the breaking point.

Austin Conrad has a checkered past and a conflicted conscience. A decorated war hero turned jaded enforcer for a ruthless outlaw motorcycle club, the honor he once had is jolted back to the surface with a devastating discovery about the club that was his home, and the men he called his brothers. Can this hardened criminal look the other way, or will honor drive a wedge between him and the brotherhood that embraced him?

Ride into the gritty, criminal underworld that runs beneath the surface of Southern California's glamorous reputation. A quick reading novella, Blood Brothers is the action-packed first book in Dusty Sharp’s acclaimed Austin Conrad thriller series.

Warning: contains violence, profanity and irreverence, in equal measure.


Author: Dusty Sharp
Narrator: Craig A. Hart
Publisher: Dusty Sharp
Run time: 2 hours 19 minutes
Release Date: 08/19/2019