Blood Ties: A Junkyard Druid Urban Fantasy Short Story Collection

Blood Ties: A Junkyard Druid Urban Fantasy Short Story Collection

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Best-selling urban fantasy and paranormal suspense author M.D. Massey invites readers back to the world of the Junkyard Druid for his second short story collection! This 35,000 word volume features even more characters from the Colin McCool series, starring in three separate novelette-length stories:

Old Ghosts

When Colin plants a tree to commemorate a fallen friend, he discovers that a gift from a Celtic god can be a blessing and a curse both… and that some old ghosts are best left to the grave.

The Goblin King

Simon “Derp” Martin just wants to be taken seriously by everyone—and most especially by his idol, the druid Colin McCool. So when he sees a chance to impress his would-be mentor in all things mystical, Derp jumps at the opportunity… evil clown gods be damned.

Going Under

Hemi Waara isn’t any normal Maori warrior—he’s the son of the goddess of death and night. When he dies and gets sent to the Maori underworld, his only worry is making it back to his mother’s realm so she can resurrect him. But, the evil gods of the underworld have other plans...

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Order your copy of this exciting, action-packed story collection today, and delve deeper into the urban fantasy mythology behind the world of the Junkyard Druid. Grab your copy today!


Author: M.D. Massey
Narrator: Steven Barnett
Publisher: Modern Digital Publishing
Run time: 3 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 01/03/2020