Bookish Friends to Lovers Duet, The: Box Set: A BWWM New Adult Romance

Bookish Friends to Lovers Duet, The: Box Set: A BWWM New Adult Romance

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Tim and Naima can't keep their hands off each other against all odds in this angsty New Adult Romance duet!

Same Page:

New to Providence, RI, Naima Adewunmi had every intention of fulfilling everything she left her New York borough for, finishing up her Bachelor's degree and finding a job while doing it.

She wasn't supposed to fall for Timothy Ferreiro, a smooth, slick talking, sexy specimen of a man, messy bedhead hair included, who also happens to be her new boss. From first wink she was under his spell, which wouldn't be a problem if there weren't one underlying issue: Tim's got a long distance girlfriend.Drama unfolds in a tale of will they or won't they in this steamy office romance. Can two people in a messy game of attraction find themselves on the same page?

Next Chapter:

Timothy risked everything he had last year on love. Had he meant to fall? No. But it hadn’t stopped him from colliding into Naima. When it ended, nothing felt the same.Until she came back…

After a Providence-free summer, Naima is just about ready for anything. Except resisting Timothy.It’s only a matter of time before their feelings for each other get the best of them, but will they be on the same page or completely different chapters?


Author: G.L. Tomas
Narrator: Lacy Laurel, Cody J. Johnson
Publisher: Rebellious Valkyrie Press
Run time: 11 hours 35 minutes
Release Date: 06/19/2021