Born to Win: Discover Unlimited Possibilities

Born to Win: Discover Unlimited Possibilities

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Life is stressful - it’s a fact. Instead of shying away let’s make the most of it!

Most of us are always afraid of taking responsibility, we are afraid of making a move towards our own dreams, we are afraid and stressed. There might be several reasons why we don’t take responsibility but the most common reason is that we don’t want to step out of our comfort zone. There are several benefits of taking up challenges and moving towards our dreams then there are of losing to a failed effort. Because there is so much more to a successful mind than just dreams!

Let’s step up and move to the goals!

Take a peek at what the book holds:

  • Taking responsibility and why is it so difficult
  • Benefits taking up responsibilities
  • How to escape the things holding you from taking up responsibility?
  • Where and how to practice responsibility
  • Developing a successful mindset
  • How to start accepting change in life
  • How to start believing in yourself
  • And a lot more!

Don’t fret for another second and learn the way up the corporate ladder and grow in your life! Start learning the way of great leaders right away!

Don’t Give up on the Idea of Becoming More than What You Are! Be the Best You Can Be!


Author: J. Steele
Narrator: Ronald Hucks
Publisher: RWG Publishing
Run time: 44 minutes
Release Date: 04/10/2020