Breachers: Holt and McKenna

Breachers: Holt and McKenna

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They are the cause of many legends, myths, and fairy tales. And they still live among us. 

There are creatures from a parallel world called Breachers who, for hundreds of years, have been inadvertently pulled into our world. They are the truth behind the creatures normally considered to be mythic. Once on Earth, they cannot go back, and those who cannot cope become rabid. Murderers. And when they go berserk, they must be put down.

Jerrod Holt always wondered why he was selected to be part of the secret governmental organization. More perplexing is why his skills as a professional bodyguard are needed. 

He discovers his partner assigned to help him bring down a Breacher is the one woman who had caught his eye the moment he saw her at their initial group meeting. Together, he and McKenna travel to Utah to confront a killer beast, not knowing that the terror will be all too real, and too damn close to home.


Author: Linda Mooney
Narrator: Jim Catapano
Publisher: Music And Press
Run time: 2 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 11/19/2020