Breakout: Christian Suspense

Breakout: Christian Suspense

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New Jewel Thief Series. A USA Today Bestseller. 

Gretel never dreamed she'd be caught, let alone thrown in a prison with common criminals.

Thanks to her jewelry heists, Gretel Koch had lived the high life. 

For years her heists around the globe had confused the authorities.

Letting her guard down and trusting a man led to her capture. Her plan was to escape, find him, and take back the diamonds he stole from her. 

But could Gretel get past the bars, the thirty-foot prison walls, the psychotic inmates, not to mention the heavily armed guards?


Author: Samantha Price
Narrator: Cindy Kay
Publisher: Samantha Price
Run time: 1 hours 33 minutes
Release Date: 05/09/2020