Broken Branches

Broken Branches

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A highly intriguing story, Broken Branches is the first book in The Green Lady Inn series. Megan, an art gallery owner in New York, is shocked and deeply saddened by her grandmother’s unexpected death. She rushes to Salem to take care of the details, but she’s not prepared to handle the danger that faces her. Her grandmother, Corey Elizabeth Bishop, had secrets that were about to blow Megan’s mind. In the midst of uncovering the truth, the big city girl discovers love alongside family heirlooms worth far more than simply money. Just who were Megan’s ancestors and who does that make her now? A beautiful tapestry of love, murder, mystery and secret treasure within the pages of Broken Branches.


Author: Brenda M. Spalding
Narrator: Eliza Wethers
Publisher: Heritage Publishing.US
Run time: 5 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 03/23/2018