Cerolian Sagas: The Nevarrian War

Cerolian Sagas: The Nevarrian War

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A young empath, her misfit found family, and a city in flames.

Kiera Rovanoe is a young woman with a troubling gift – the ability to sense the emotions of those around her. Life in the bustling Nevarria, a large tourist city in the nation of Novalus, overwhelms her every day. Only her training at a mountain monastery brings her any peace – and a way to control her abilities. But now, the prospect of a quiet life in Nevarria is impossible.

Nevarrian citizens watch in horror, as the neighboring kingdom of Aestellus launches a brutal and swift attack on their unsuspecting city. Her home reduced to ashes, Kiera is forced to go into hiding, foraging in bombed-out buildings while struggling not to collapse under the tidal wave of despair and anguish she feels – coming both from her and her fellow Novalins.

As a civilian trapped behind enemy lines, she must do all she can to help her adoptive family survive – even if it means giving up the quiet life she’s always wanted. Can she and her fellow citizens repel the invading Aestellan forces? Or is their city doomed to ruin?

May the Goddess Bless the Republic.


Author: Vieryon
Narrator: Shaina Summerville
Publisher: Cerolian Arts
Run time: 10 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 05/31/2021