Chase My Shadow

Chase My Shadow

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What is sexier than a rough and rugged billionaire cowboy?

Team him up with a badass British spy who's also a duchess.

A rancher hellbent on maintaining the status quo.

A lady who detests the elite.

Wild and wanton, opposites attract. 


Long, hot days, working my ass off—just waiting for the cool nights to come—so I can kick back and enjoy the starry night. That’s what I do and who I am. Letting go of the passionate and determined lady seems unimaginable. With fire and heat, she can’t be tamed. She belongs elsewhere. It’s a truth I have to accept.


Debutante, elite, aristocrat—they’re all words that mean nothing. I need more. I need power, passion, adventure, and danger. Being a part of Her Majesty’s Secret Service is the only answer, my only dream, to end this nightmare of boredom. But walking away from him, the rugged and rough rancher who stole my heart, is more terrifying than anything. Can a lady have a bit of both worlds without everything crumbling down?


Author: Heather Slade
Narrator: J. River Pierce, Stephanie Nemeth-Parker
Publisher: Sparrow Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 16 minutes
Release Date: 12/13/2021