Chimera Secrets Collection: Books 1 - 5

Chimera Secrets Collection: Books 1 - 5

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In a hidden science lab, doctors are experimenting on humans and creating monsters. But what happens when those mutants fall in love?

A collection featuring five books:

A Nurse for the Wolfman ~ A prisoner to a mad scientist, Luke knows he shouldn’t get involved with anyone. Tell that to his wild side. The beast within is growling and howling for a taste of his nurse.

Guarding the Mermaid ~ An experimental drug leaves Becky with a fishy side effect. The world’s only mermaid, she’s supposed to be sold to the highest bidder unless she can convince her guard to save her.

Lionman Kidnapping ~ Marcus is more beast than man since the experiment. He’s wild. Extremely dangerous. And in lust. He can’t resist the alluring Jayda, however, his plan to kidnap goes astray when he’s captured.

A Chimera's Revenge ~ Adrian wanted to cure the world of all its ailments. His experiments had some success, and also many failures, such as the woman he's always loved who wants to kill him.

 Capturing a Unicorn ~ Oliver wants to rid the world of the monsters created by genetic engineering, until he meets Emma. A woman with a horn, who manages to stab him through the heart.


Author: Eve Langlais
Narrator: Troy Duran
Publisher: Eve Langlais
Run time: 26 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 10/15/2021