Christian Parables 2: The Lawyer's Lullaby

Christian Parables 2: The Lawyer's Lullaby

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How is faith like ice-cream? Discover the funnest way to bible study, instantly taste the difference of Sunday with a twist: 12 New Parables! With only her "rocky road" ice-cream, a little girl learns about the conditions of faith. And a detective investigates a sleeping courtroom mystery. With plenty more, experience a biblically exciting blend of new mystery, morals, symbolism, fun facts, discussion questions, character challenges, family skit versions, and a built-in hyperlinked bible index. Fill your "thirsty cup" to the top!

Your List of New Christian Parables:

A Maze In Grace (The Parable)

It's the most popular 3-D maze challenge for Little Gracie.

The Parable of Ice-Cream Soup

A little girl learns about the conditions of Faith in an unlikely place.

The Parable of The Lawyer's Lullaby

A determined lawyer hires a Detective to solve a mystery around the courtroom conditions against her best case.

Peculiar Treasure (The Parable)

An "enchanted wish" comes true in the 'closest' of ways!

Batteries Not Included (The Parable)

Jeffrey learns the difference between the game he is playing, and "the game he was playing!"

The Parable of The Waitress's Tip

A mysteriously absent waitress adds insight to the menu for a starving customer.

The Parable of The Counselor's Gift

A school counselor gains exaggerated popularity amongst a curious news reporter, despite a statistical mystery.

The Parable of The Calendar's Watch

A "familiar" celebrity is asked to help promote a mysterious product.

Couple's Therapy Parable

" their exes cheer against them..."

And More...


Author: Jwyan C. Johnson
Narrator: Priscilla Broussard
Publisher: Jwyan C. Johnson
Run time: 57 minutes
Release Date: 09/03/2021