Confessions of a Lost Kid

Confessions of a Lost Kid

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Confessions of a Lost Kid

Lost Kids: toddlers found on the outskirts of town. When no one claims them, they grow up at the Neighborlee Children's Home. Some are adopted, some develop superpowers, and some vanish without explanation.


Lanie is a Lost Kid. She teams up with Kurt and Felicity, two other Lost Kids, to figure out what they are, and why they are. Mutants? Escaped genetic experiments? Alien visitors? And if so, just how do they phone home?


As Lanie and her friends learn what they can do, and develop rules for their superpowers from reading comic books, they join the other guardians of Neighborlee. Sometimes they protect the magic, the weird and wonderful of Neighborlee from the world -- and sometimes they have to protect the world from the mysteries and dangers of Neighborlee.


Author: Michelle L. Levigne
Narrator: Michelle L. Levigne
Publisher: Ye Olde Dragon Books
Run time: 6 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 09/02/2021