Conquer Your Past through Inner Healing

Conquer Your Past through Inner Healing

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Are we merely the sum of our past? It is often said, "We are each a result of our past." The truth is our past experiences do affect us. While some do rather insignificantly, others do quite deeply. In worst cases, they can distort our personalities, open us up to deception, and negatively affect our relationships with God and others. Past abusive experiences are certainly hurtful in that regard. Plus, if not resolved, they can leave "the door open" for the enemy of our soul to exacerbate the matter, deepen the pain, and infect many areas of our lives. On the other hand, you may have grown up in a spiritually sheltered home where you were lovingly cared for and prayerfully reared. Even if you were born again as a child, you too have had experiences that have shaped who you are today. In subtle ways, you too need to conquer the effects of your past. Wouldn't it be wonderful if solutions and remedies were easily found? Well, you may have just found the resource you've needed; prepared by one who spent decades leading people to victory over their past experiences. In this book, Dr. Gorman addresses many of those negative experiences and offers solid solutions. What is wonderful is that it is now available to you! He addresses: Inner healing Victory through forgiveness How perfect love casts out fear What God means when He says to "work out our salvation" Mysteries like… Transference of spirits Healthy and unhealthy soul ties Generational curses Dealing with depression, and more! 


Author: Marvin Gorman
Narrator: Tom Johnson
Publisher: Worldwide Publishing Group
Run time: 6 hours 50 minutes
Release Date: 02/20/2017