Costly Mistakes That Cost Us Our Brighter Future: Our Faults

Costly Mistakes That Cost Us Our Brighter Future: Our Faults

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If something is part of you, then you will only struggle to let go of it, but the reality remains that you can only attempt and not erase it because it is part of your very existence. Mistake is part of every human and that is why we can only attempt to exonerate ourselves from mistakes, but it is a task that we will continue to do until the very end. Some of the things that normally cost us our future are those things that we regard as being nothing, but in reality that is what will bring us down unexpectedly. The truth of life is such that if we believe that we can come up with a perfect decision on any issue, then we will always be a victim of illusion because in every decision we make in life, there will certainly occur that part of which we will fail to notice and that will be a destructive part that will affect the whole of our actions until the very end. The way to lead a successful life is to be ready to accept the fact that we are prone to making mistakes and that mistake is inevitable as far as our lives are concern so that we can guide ourselves towards making decision as well as being able to make amend when new facts come in. The reason why many people make the worst mistakes of their lives is that they do not accept the reality that their nature is ingrained in faults. Once you cannot believe in the natural possibility of having error in any of your actions and decisions, then you will always live in a world where illusion rules. We may have everything it takes to be careful of our actions, we may have what it takes to lead a principled life and we may be very cautious of our faults, but the truth is that all these human skills and knowledge are not enough to exonerate us from making mistake, which is why we have to come down from that high hill and accept the reality of our own making and that mistake is deeply rooted in us no matter how we try to live our lives. If you can accept that mistake and try to live with the aim of minimizing it, then it becomes very easy for you to curtail it, but as for doing away with it, that is where our own authority as human reaches its dead end. However, if you cannot accept that you can make the worst of mistake in life, then you will only fall deep into a place of no return before you can realize it yourself. There are things that we neglect in life, but those things are some of the things that will help us to live a happy life if only we can take note of them and they are discussed thoroughly in this book.


Author: Tony Nwoye
Narrator: Michael Scott
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 10/31/2017