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“...Enchanting… It was difficult to put the book down.” — Patrick Gilbert-Roberts, author of The Intervention

With a relaxing and peaceful winter behind her, Ellen is looking forward to the promise of summer—but her peace doesn’t last. An earthquake rips fatally through her friends’ home and Ellen is left with the grief from their loss. The Lianthem, a sacred ruling group, is profiting from her brother’s lunacy and her little sister is in danger. While her companions come within a breath of freezing to death, battles between rival factions break out, killing hundreds. And it’s all her fault. Ellen knows she must make it right, but how?

In book two of Songs of Si’Empra, Ellen is faced with the stark reality of leadership and she must decide, once and for all, who she really is. 


Author: Miriam Verbeek
Narrator: Ruth Redman
Publisher: Bublish, Incorporated
Run time: 10 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 02/04/2020