Dark Desire

Dark Desire

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Elena Allen thought she'd left her dark past behind her after leaving Russia and coming home, but she stumbles into the arms of tall handsome Russian, Dimitri Razin. He warns her that her life is still in danger and that she must trust him even though trusting a man is the last thing she's capable of after what she survived.

Dimitri Razin knows the hell Elena went through when his hated enemy kidnapped and tortured her for months. As much as he wants to let her be alone to heal, the danger for her is just beginning. In order to save her life, she'll have to trust him in all ways, even with her heart. In return, he'll show her that she doesn't need to fear passion and that she can find her pleasure again.


Author: Lauren Smith
Narrator: Zachary Johnson, Vivienne LaRue
Publisher: Lauren Smith
Run time: 7 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 10/19/2021