Dark Fate - A Shifter's Fury

Dark Fate - A Shifter's Fury

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I am the alpha's daughter, the alpha apparent, heir to our pack. A responsibility and destiny I have resented my entire life. I wish I could give it up, but that would be selfish.

My father has made a deal with another wolf pack to marry me off to their heir. This pack is cruel and I will not stand for it. I do not need a male by my side to lead our people. Father also doesn't know that I am in love with a witch.

This deal sets things into motion that I am not prepared for.



Unexpected Friendship.


This is not my year. Be careful what you wish for.


Author: Karley Stafford
Narrator: Hannah Blaire
Publisher: Karley Stafford
Run time: 4 hours 12 minutes
Release Date: 11/07/2022