Dark Halo: The Whore of Babylon Revealed

Dark Halo: The Whore of Babylon Revealed

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Is it possible that the largest body of Christian believers, Roman Catholics, have fallen from their place in heaven? Dark Halo takes the readers on a fantastic voyage, down the hallowed halls of St. Peters Basilica in the heart of Rome, and behind closed doors in the Vatican to reveal that the horrors and atrocities of the Roman Catholic Church have echoed down the ages, right into our modern times. From world-wide blatant idolatry and necromancy, to homosexuality and pedophilia, to a Pope who is on a mad quest to combine all religions into one universal faith; you will see the Roman Catholic Church as you have could never have imagined.


Author: Christopher Coutant
Narrator: John Delino Ziegler Jr
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory
Run time: 5 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 06/02/2020