Dead Moon Falling

Dead Moon Falling

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One bullet is all it takes to send Kara spinning into a world of winged warriors, nightmares, and sexy possibilities.

Taking a bullet in the line of duty is always a possibility for an FBI agent. The second the bullet enters her body, more is shattered than just her bones and dreams for the future--her very reality is splintered. Is she to simply heal and move forward with her fiancé? Or, must she embrace a destiny that's as horrible as it is fantastical?

On top of it all, she becomes embroiled in a plan to save petty thief and sexy-but-all-around-pain-in-the-rear Ace Diamanté from a hideous death in a bizarre ritual on the night of the next full moon.

When Kara discovers that there's someone…or something pulling all the strings, her choices suddenly narrow to either the impossible or the worse-than-impossible. With not enough answers and new questions around every corner, she realizes that the consequences of making a mistake mean more than just heartbreak.

Getting it wrong could mean the end of existence as we know it.


Author: Calinda B
Narrator: Rupert Chandler
Publisher: Sumner McKenzie, Inc
Run time: 5 hours 41 minutes
Release Date: 03/05/2021