Deadly Production

Deadly Production

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When life seems too good to be true—watch out.

Mapleton Police Chief Gordon Hepler thinks his troubles with the small-town politics are behind him. The town council has even awarded him a reserved parking place. But an early-morning summons from the new mayor has Gordon on alert. Instead of yet another budget dispute, the mayor announces an independent film company is making a movie in Mapleton.

For the mayor, it means good press for Mapleton—and more importantly—more money for the town coffers. For the citizens, it means rubbing elbows with celebrities. For Gordon, the news means headaches, extra shifts, and scheduling issues. But he’s a pro. He’ll ensure the company has his full cooperation while continuing to protect his town.

When a member of the film crew is found dead, everything goes sideways. The mayor pushes Gordon to adopt a business as usual mentality, and let the film company handle the investigation. But a murder on Mapleton soil makes it Gordon’s jurisdiction, and nothing the mayor says can make him halt his investigation. When other members of the cast and crew haven’t reported in, Gordon wonders if he’s looking for more suspects or more victims.

Will Gordon listen to the mayor, or risk his job to find the truth?


Author: Terry Odell
Narrator: Steve Marvel
Publisher: Terry Odell
Run time: 9 hours 54 minutes
Release Date: 10/11/2017