Deadsweep: A Metaphysical Fantasy Adventure

Deadsweep: A Metaphysical Fantasy Adventure

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A magical princess. An evil unleashed. Can she defeat the darkness before it consumes her kingdom?

Hannah struggles to remember her forgotten life as Princess Kara Beth. After years in hiding on Earth, she hopes her time back home will let her regain her magic and rule her people with wisdom. But her training comes to an abrupt end when she discovers the disturbing sickness threatening to destroy the world.

With her patient prince beside her, Hannah arrives at ground zero to find neighbor ruthlessly turning against neighbor. Certain she faces the spell of an old enemy, there's only one solution: tapping deeper into the magic she can barely remember. And if Hannah can't provide the solution soon, the insidious outbreak could become an unstoppable evil.

Can Hannah rescue a world on the brink of collapse?

Deadsweep is the second book in the captivating Return to Erda fantasy series. If you like courageous characters, thrilling supernatural adventures, and mystical realms, then you'll love Beca Lewis's magical tale.

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Author: Beca Lewis
Narrator: Beca Lewis
Publisher: Perception Publishing
Run time: 7 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 10/28/2019