Death by Donation

Death by Donation

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How far is too far to go for family?

Honey Pot celebrates when a long-lost brother is found- until the party is cut short. 

Tragedy turns a happy reunion into a tearful goodbye. Lydia goes from supporting a traumatized family to hunting a possible killer when the facts just don't add up. 

With a stranger lurking in the shadows, the mystery is harder to unravel than it appears.

Can she track down the clues and solve the mystery with only Ivy and Flora to assist? Or will she leave the grieving to fend for themselves? Find out today. 

Launch into book four of this binge-worthy Christian Mystery series that builds your faith as it gets your heart racing. 

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and get ready to stay up late with the moms of Honey Pot.


Author: Sarah Hualde
Narrator: Jasmine Rose
Publisher: Indie Christian Writers
Run time: 5 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 06/29/2021