Demon Boxes: Nephilim Narratives, Book 3

Demon Boxes: Nephilim Narratives, Book 3

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Soleil Burns is adjusting to being a single parent to the most powerful wizard the world has ever known. She’s in training to get her private investigator license to accompany her private exorcist license, and she’s now also a small business owner.

Into the chaos of regular life comes an ancient artifact of incredible power.

Soleil’s family tells her demon boxes haven’t been seen on earth for nearly ten thousand years. Soleil needs to find out how and why one has shown up in modern day St. Louis before someone gets killed by the hordes of demons and other spectral beings pouring forth from it.

As more boxes appear around the city, Soleil’s exorcism business is booming, but she must discover who is sending them before the hell princes take over the city. Ensuring even her magic isn’t strong enough to send them back across the Stygian Divide. She will have to get help from her family and friends to help solve this mystery before it’s too late.


Author: Hadena James
Narrator: Meghan Kelly
Publisher: OrangeSky Audio
Run time: 9 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 03/30/2021