Dirty People: A teacher's classroom untwisting the world

Dirty People: A teacher's classroom untwisting the world

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Enter a Christian teacher's classroom of life to be shocked away from the world's twisted version of life and be inspired to trust God from his untwisting truth and love. The short and unique book provides a simple but profound approach to handling the world's rejection of God, especially among students and education influencing the world. The teacher plays out various concepts to their unreasonable ends and makes clear of God's love for the world -- from the ground up.

HOW TO USE THE BOOK: Dirty People is purposely a short, simple book to help teachers and students to process a different way to see the world and all educational subjects and real life. Sometimes the classroom is stale, test driven learning, missing opportunities to inspire, avoiding deep truths, or twisting things. The book attempts to capture a teaching moment filled with the teacher's conviction, clarity, copiousness, and comical nature to bring depth to the classroom that also addresses a wide array of issues.

Use the book either to think through learning as a student, classroom management and teaching, viewpoints on God, evaluate simple scientific-natural nuances of the Bible and the world, or just enjoy the interaction between a normally asleep student body awakened to engage real life. Use the book as a fun starting point to educational subjects to show that God's word informs real life and we cannot just dismiss it as some old, fictional book of fairy tales. Use the book to be reminded of the need for teachers to possess copious and winsome skills beyond a prepped lesson plan and relationally engage their students. Use the book to be reminded as a student to not merely sit back on cruise control and avoid the honest evaluation of what the world teaches you in education or business.


Author: Mr. Nate Gunter, Mr. Nate Books
Narrator: Mr. Nate Gunter
Publisher: TGJS Publishing
Run time: 41 minutes
Release Date: 12/10/2020