Don't Let the Enemy Steal from You!

Don't Let the Enemy Steal from You!

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Bill Vincent has a comment that he feels to release. Don't let any man, don't anything, don't let any situation in your life ever steal the things that God has ordained for you to have. One of the great things of my generation that I see, one of the great things that breaks my heart, is I see a generation that have no idea of the destiny and the future and the hope that God has for our generation. I look at young people in hopelessness. There's so much. We have the cars, we have the entertainment, we have the lights, we have everything that the world could offer a generation and yet there's never been a generation more unhappy, more depressed, more hopelessness.


Author: Bill Vincent
Narrator: Tim Côté
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Run time: 20 minutes
Release Date: 10/28/2014