Drachen 8: Lost and Found

Drachen 8: Lost and Found

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Daavi and family have again gotten pulled into one of Verity Corp's messes and are going to have to help sort it out. It would be a lot easier if anybody knew what was going on.

The only thing for certain is Milo Baumann was found dugged and passed out face first on Millie's floor, Manuela's being chased by thugs who want something from her, and if anybody knows what that is, it's certainly not her.

Suspicion is that Manuela's been into some shady dealings, but she swears up and down that she hasn't, and while Daavi's inclined to believe her, nobody else is.

The question is: is she telling the truth, and if so, how can they figure out what the people chasing her are after before it's too late...


Author: Duffy Weber
Narrator: Duffy P. Weber, Duffy Weber
Publisher: Hula-Cow Studios
Run time: 12 hours 35 minutes
Release Date: 03/05/2023