Dragons’ Choice

Dragons’ Choice

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Sorcha and Caedyrn's love has created a new breed of beings. Neither wholly dragon nor fully human, Sorcha's children shapeshift at will. The six fledglings have been raised as dragons, but the time has come to explore their human heritage. Aislinn and Taran are the first to leave the ice aerie for the world of men.

Aislinn discovers the lure of sexuality amidst the intrigues of King Leofric's court, while Taran learns the source of his debilitating malady. Both siblings face danger and prejudice among their mother's kin, but they discover love as well. Dragons mate for life, forcing the young shifters to make a complicated choice.


Author: Debbie Mumford
Narrator: James Wolven
Publisher: WDM Publishing
Run time: 5 hours 3 minutes
Release Date: 11/21/2020