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Drinking With Death

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Grim Reapers. Saving lives. Lessons in love. 

For some, it's a fictitious world, but for Debra's friend, it will become her life. 

For once, nothing is going right in her world, but she always has her friend to help her, right?


Ushering souls into the afterlife was something she scoffed at…until it became all too real. 

Now she is attracting men like she is one of the seven sins.

Can she deal with her business having unexpected troubles, help others before Death takes them, and have a love life when one wasn't expected?

Or will becoming Death take it all away?

Grab a glass of wine and listen to this story. Just be careful when taking a sip since the laughs can be dangerous! ​


Publisher:  LMBPN Publishing
Narrator: Hillary Huber
Run time:  9.7 hours
Release Date:  1/18/2019