Dudes in the Middle

Dudes in the Middle

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Time to multitask!

Middle school is the new high school (huh?), and Dudes are low men on the totem pole. What else can they do but create a fake eighth-grader? Along the way, they:

  • Create a reality show
  • Signal UFO’s
  • Promote devil worship
  • And exert mind control on the student body

But can they learn good study skills?

A funny start to 6th grade. The Dudes have mastered middle school and so will their readers.

All new adventures! Fun on an epic scale for kids 8-14!

The Dudes are a diverse group of preteen boys whose clever mischief turns their suburban neighborhood upside down. The Dudes Adventure Chronicles is for listeners of all ages. Each audiobook provides several realistic, wacky adventures. Start with Save the Dudes or listen to the novels in any order! Terrific voice actor, Mark Sanderlin, delivers the funny for the whole family.

 Praise for Save the Dudes:

"With one priceless, laugh-out-loud scenario after another, the mother and son team of Johnson and Reynolds delivers a fine tale…

"Hilarious comic mayhem, rounded out by affection and insight." --Kirkus Reviews

No movie tie-ins or fart jokes! Appeals to middle grade readers who like funny, realistic fiction without a tacked-on message or ripped-from-the-headlines problem.

Classic middle grade humor with modern kids and realistic misadventures make for better-than-real-life hilarity. If you like Beverly Cleary's Henry Huggins or Barbara Robinson's The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever, you'll love the Dudes!

Warning to Parents: Anecdotal evidence suggests that listeners may imagine some resemblance between the Dudes’ parents and their own.

Take time out for family-friendly laughs today!


Author: Tyler Reynolds, Emily Kay Johnson
Narrator: Mark Sanderlin
Publisher: Epic Spiel Press
Run time: 3 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 05/01/2021