Dunnarunna: A Retirement Dunn Right

Dunnarunna: A Retirement Dunn Right

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"Write what you know" is Maria Augustus-Dunn's mantra. With this in mind, she wrote her first book Married Quarter - Boots, Berets and Bloody Uniforms in 2016 which detailed her 21 years as a military spouse. Married Quarter is a glimpse into the world of military families who endure postings, deployments, long periods of separation and often loneliness.

A diagnosis of a benign brain tumour in 2008 turned her life upside down and forced some pretty serious issues. It was time to rethink life. What was important? Was it time to think about retirement? After many postings, it was time to think about life after the military. What would it look like?

Married Quarter finishes in 2011 when Maria and her husband decided to retire for a life on the road, travelling around Australia as permanent travellers. They sold up and gave away all their worldly possessions and have been travelling around Australia ever since.

In 2018 Maria picked up the pen again and started writing her second book Dunnarunna - A Retirement Dunn Right, which follows their first five years of travelling around Australia. The highs, the lows, and everything in between, are written in Maria's voice. You can hear her talking when you read her personal diaries and experiences of her travelling life. There is never a dull moment, according to Maria. Life on the road is never boring. It can be challenging, rewarding, funny, and sometimes downright scary, but never boring.

Dunnarunna will have you laughing, crying, cheering, and may also have you wanting to take that leap of faith and head off travelling too. Dunnarunna is for those who wonder what it is like to give up all your security and become of no fixed address. Travel around Australia with Maria and her hubby while you read Dunnarunna - you won't be bored!


Author: Maria Augustus-Dunn
Narrator: Mandy Turner
Publisher: MoshPit Publishing
Run time: 13 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 05/01/2021