Earth 101: Time To Run

Earth 101: Time To Run

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No matter who you are, high school has its highs and lows with memories you'll never forget, but for Jayne, it's memories she is having problems with.

Ever since she started dating Aithen, strange things have occurred. Yet, Jayne seems to be the only one that remembers them—like missing classmates…

Jayne is perplexed by the fact that no one seems to remember those who have suddenly disappeared—as if they never existed, but she knows they did—or did they? No, they had to; her best friend had vanished, there was no way all those memories were false.

Truly believing she might be going crazy; Jayne soon discovers her boyfriend Aithen is much more than she could have ever imagined. And knows far more than he is letting on.

Learning the truth that Aithen is not from Earth, Jayne finds herself in a secret and dangerous new world, where one wrong move could have her erased like many others.

Literary Titan Gold Award - July 2021

Speak Up Talk Radio - Firebird Book Award Winner (Timetravel) - July 2021

Hollywood Book Festival: Honourable Mention - August 2021

Paris Book Festival: Honourable Mention - September 2021


Author: Emae Church
Narrator: Jessica Duncan
Publisher: Korudaz Ink
Run time: 14 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: 08/27/2021