Emeline - A Journey

Emeline - A Journey

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With courage and confidence, Em transports herself across the 1890s landscape to fulfill the promise of contacting her grandfather. She sets out on her beloved horse and enjoys freedom and beauty. She endures hardship and personal attacks to which she responds with quick decisions. Unknown enemies seek her precious possessions. Supporters rescue her — including one special young man.

As she’s able, she reads her pa’s Bible, prays, and writes in her journal. Less dependent on others and more driven to shape her destiny, she makes and a bold choice which astonishes everyone, and herself.

“Had they been together, I imagine Laura Ingalls Wilder and Emeline O’Connor would have been fast friends.” Kathy J. Perry


Author: Kathy J Perry
Narrator: Abigail VanTerry
Publisher: Chickadee Words, LLC
Run time: 4 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 07/15/2021