Empty World Saga Collection: The Complete Collection of Books 1-5

Empty World Saga Collection: The Complete Collection of Books 1-5

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Plunge into the pond and land in an alien world.

When her grandmother dies, 13-year-old Christy inherits an old family secret: the pond behind her house is in fact a portal to another world. What's more, she learns that her grandfather went through the portal when he mysteriously disappeared nine years ago.

As Christy undertakes an adventure into a wondrous and dangerous new world full of strange aliens and advanced technology, she'll need to trust her instincts and rely on the unique abilities of her friends if she wants to lead everyone safely home.

Book 1: Portal Through the Pond

When Christy first learns of the portal in her backyard pond, she tries to honor her grandmother's wishes to stay away. But when the local bully pushes her classmate in, she knows only she can rescue him. And maybe she can finally bring her grandfather home, since she's there anyway…

Book 2: Beyond the Portal

Despite her parents forbidding Christy from returning to the Empty World, she knows it's her fault her grandfather got captured by the hostile aliens called Ancients. So when 2 of her friends sneak off to see the world, Christy finds the excuse she needs to go back.

Book 3: At the Portal's End

It seems like each time Christy goes to the Empty World, more goes wrong. But she still can't stay away. This time, with the excuse of finding her dad and the detective, she ventures on a more dangerous journey and learns that there's something more sinister about the Ancients' plans for the other Empty World inhabitants than any of them suspected.

Book 4: The Lost Portal

As both Christy and the grown-ups scramble to help the other inhabitants of the Empty World stay clear of the Ancients' genocide, they encounter an overgrown pyramid hidden in the jungle. As the last of his race, the pyramid's guardian enlists their help to protect it. Because if the Ancients gain access to its secrets, no one on the Empty World will be able to hide from them…

BONUS SHORT STORY: Christy's Risky Recipe

Back at home, Christy finds a piece of Empty World technology that just might be the key to saving her family's struggling business—and their Christmas.

Book 5: Portals in Peril

The pyramid guardian never told Christy and her friends that the Empty World safeguards a piece of critical technology protecting the entire universe. Now they're racing against a ticking clock of impending catastrophe. But the lead Ancient believes he's found the key to conquering the Empty World once and for all. Since he won't listen to reason, their only option is to steal the power source back…before it's too late for the whole universe.

The complete Empty World Saga Collection is a science fiction adventure series for kids aged 8-12. If your kids have blown through the Land of Stories, devoured the Keeper of the Lost Cities, or can't wait for the next Wings of Fire, make the complete Empty World Saga their next read.

Grab the complete Empty World Saga Collection and help save the Empty World now!


Author: David K. Anderson
Narrator: Heather Costa
Publisher: Magical Scrivener Press
Run time: 28 hours 29 minutes
Release Date: 03/10/2019