Enjoying The Choice of Your Marriage Partner

Enjoying The Choice of Your Marriage Partner

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Many marriages end in divorce, and even those that do not end in physical separation are largely broken. Many people are just managing to keep it up because the laws of society demand it, or because of the children. Many people discover in the marriage relationship that they made a tragic mistake. They married the wrong person. They made an irreversible mistake in their choice.

The crucial prerequisite for a happy marriage is that both parties be in the centre of God’s will for them; that they be rightly related to God, understand what God wants marriage to be, and be committed to that purpose. It also demands that the partners know themselves, know what they want in the partner, look for the right person and make the right choice. After the choice has been made, the relationship needs also to be rightly handled for it to truly succeed.

We believe that God meant marriage to be a wonderful experience – a foretaste of heaven on earth. We believe that He has the right partner for you and that if you co-operate with Him, you will find that partner and be truly blessed. The question is, “Who is that partner? How can I find him/her? How can we carry out our relationship so that it remains a blessing?” This audiobook will tell you.

God bless you!


Author: Zacharias Tanee Fomum
Narrator: Merphy Napier
Publisher: ZTF Books Online
Run time: 4 hours 23 minutes
Release Date: 07/03/2019