Enter The Marchioness

Enter The Marchioness

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"Midnight what Happened," asked a policeman offhandedly of an oddly dressed man who looked like a stage magician in blue wearing a mask.

"Are you mad there was a school shooting," said Midnight looking slightly greenish.

"No I just got here," said the policeman, "is anyone else here?"

"Dante, and Dark Starlight," said Midnight offhandedly.

"Don't you mean Dark Star?" said the policeman.

"No Starlight she's Dante's wife the Marchioness of Mars,"

said Midnight.

The policeman laughed. "The Martianess of Mars are you kidding me?"

"What's so funny about my title?" a tall black-haired masked woman in a black suit said.

"Dark Starlight I take it," said the policeman nervously.

"Yes," said the woman insulted.

"Nice to meet you where is your husband?" asked the policeman.

"The Marquess of Mars is inside the building," said Starlight.

The policeman went inside the building to see her husband.

Tried to keep it light


Author: Rachel Lawson
Narrator: Rachel Lawson
Publisher: Paige Turner
Run time: 5 minutes
Release Date: 01/06/2023