Fading Frost

Fading Frost

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Crystal Frost has known for a year that she's psychic, but a car accident leaves her sixth sense weaker than ever. When she begins sensing a ghost she can't seem to help, she turns to contacting him through a séance. That only leads to a grave warning. For the first time since discovering what she's capable of, things have become personal. Can she protect her family and friends and save her own life in the process, or will she have to trade her life for theirs?


Continue the young adult paranormal series that has captivated readers world-wide in the final book, Fading Frost. Join teen psychic Crystal Frost as she navigates a world of ghosts, psychic visions, and more.


Author: Alicia Rades
Narrator: Kim Reiko
Publisher: Crystallite Publishing
Run time: 5 hours 22 minutes
Release Date: 06/29/2017