Fear of Auditors

Fear of Auditors

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Most fears are caused by false evidence appearing real, just like other writers have said. The perception we have on people in authority makes us miss the real picture. It makes us fear them. These people oftentimes try to enforce rules on us. There is nothing wrong. All Rules and regulations are divine .They come from the source of authority who is God himself.

So you see, all authority is therefore from God. There is no reason to fear "Auditors." This book reflects the thought in an easy and understandable way. It is full of practical ways to conquer fear of authority and to be a winner in the end.

So whatever it is, God has the final say. Let's do away with fear and embrace whatever comes our way. Those in authority are not there to harm us. No. Not in any way!!They built us, refine us, and correct us and it's all because they love us.


Author: Tawonga Muzah
Narrator: Lynn Benson
Publisher: RWG Publishing
Run time: 1 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 05/13/2020